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my art, my passion, my life

I was born in Uruguay on January 1971.  At the age of 2 I immigrated with my parents to Israel. Over time and difficulties I had to give up my way and turn to other directions. When I finally dared to look inside, around the age of 40, I chose to part from the life I knew till then and fulfill my dream to be a painter.

Noemi Safir's large scale paintings include women figures which are a reflection of Safir that depict scenes from her life that led her to where she is today, conveying power and desire and having a wide range of emotions. They embody her struggle to accept Safir's own independence as a woman, as an artist, without any apologies or doubts.

Safir's painting technique uses fragmentation of the images and
colorful rich pallet. These make her portraits to be so bewitching and powerful, as if to say, "yes I am beautiful and young, alive and full of passion, driven by emotions and desire to be myself in all my glory.”

Safir has participated in a number of important exhibitions worldwide including New-York, Miami, San-Francisco, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Korea, Germany, Paris, Holland, Australia, Monaco and Israel. She also participated in charity auctions and fundraising events as Christie’s in aid of ADETEC-COEUR in Paris, Israeli fund raising in aid of Aids, Art sale-Donation for Israeli hospital etc.

My great vision is to touch people's heart with my art and my story. Everything that I create is a reflection of myself and my long road of knowing and learning more about who we really are

Everything you nourish with love and positive attention will grow in an amazing way.

Noemi lives and creates in Tel-Aviv, Israel.