publication for “Paragon of attraction” art exhibition in Perth, Australia

After sold out exhibition in Perth last year, I am excited to show there again with new pieces. Come visit 💫 Applecross Art & Framing gallery, Perth, Australia
In the photo “The dream”, 180/130 cm

Excited to see my “Black&White” ladies posing one next to the other at their new beautiful home.
Thank you dear Tzvia Kazayoff for the curating, Ilan Schwarz for the elegant hanging and the new owners for choosing and loving my art ❤️💫
“True colors” and “Kaya”, 160/120 cm

First HD limited editions presented at the Kruisheren hotel, Maastricht, The Netherlands. Kroon Gallery. Now available for Sale 💫

Due to many requests the exhibition is EXTENDED for 2 more weeks. Come visit🗼🌸🥂
Location: Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel, 39 Avenue de Wagram. Paris.

I am proud that my painting is sharing its colors at this beautiful holiday scene with it new owners. May we experience joy, love, health and success.
“What are you worried all about” – 140 120 – Sold in Paris

בחג הפסח המסמל יציאה מעבדות לחירות ואביב של התחלות חדשות, אני בוחרת להודות ליציאת מצריים הפרטית שלי שהובילה אותי לחיים של הגשמה, יצירה, סיפוק והתרגשות. אני מודה לשתי אהובותיי שאיתי, לאמנות שלי שממלאת אותי באנרגיה אינסופית, לכל אלה שהולכים איתי בדרך ולאהוב ליבי שמלמד אותי כל יום מחדש מהי אהבה ❤
חג שמח 💫
In Passover holiday, which symbolizes the departure from slavery to freedom and a spring of new beginnings, I choose to thank my own Egyptian exodus that led me to a life of fulfillment, creation and satisfaction. I thank my two sweet loved girls, my art that fills me with infinite energy, all those who walk with me on this way and my sweetheart that teaches me every day what love is ❤
Happy holiday 💫

📷Photo by the talented Eitan Vaxman

One of my favorite portraits, “The power inside”, 200/135 cm. Now watching from above at this beautiful home.

It is good to expect but expect without doubt. Be sure. Otherwise let go and things will surprise and delight you. “When you least expect”, 120/140 cm, now available in Paris🗼 ❤️

The day has arrived, to dream free thoughts of someone or someplace, to say YES without being afraid.
“In my mind” – 180/120 cm – painted in 2017, now available in my studio

2017 was a great year for me. It started in Germany, exploring new opportunities and showing there in an art fair. Then I showed in a charity exhibition in Tel-Aviv. In May I had my first solo Exhibition in Holland and ended this year with an exciting exhibition in Paris.
I had the privilege to meet and be in contact with people from Brazil. Australia, UK. Holland. New York. Miami, Denmark. Switzerland. Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Paris, Canada, Moscow and India. With most I experienced empowering and inspiring stories, feeling the love and support thought my art.
I want to thank you all for letting me be part of your life and entering my art into your homes and hearts.
I welcome 2018 with sweet expectations as I know now that dreams can come through.
Happy and exciting new 2018 to all 💫🙏💖🥂🎉🌟

“Finally a woman” – Photos from the opening event, December 14 TH, 2017. Paris

“Finally a woman” – Photos from the opening event, December 14 TH, 2017. Paris

Amsterdam LXRY​ fair 2017
With Masters of LXRY 2017 , Galerie Patries Van Dorst
"…In December, the contemporary art of Galerie Patries van Dorst will be moved to the RAI in Amsterdam, during Masters of LXRY. At this largest premium lifestyle event in Europe, the gallery will show us the dynamic mosaic surfaces of the recently introduced Israeli artist Noemi Safir. Safir’s large color palette is combined with delicate brush strokes. Noemi paints are a language of emotions that show her love for life, beauty and strength. The image fragmentation, clear color forms and the reconstruction in a dynamic mosaic are the “trademark” of Safir…"

The day I started living from my heart everything changed. I wish everyone to take decisions, feel your way and live with passion and love. Painting ‘Perfect timing’ 140/120 cm

I always work on some pieces at the same time. This way I get to change perspective when I move away and come back again. As in life sometimes we need to get away from something, physically or in our thoughts, to see things in a clearer way. I adopted the words “Blue glass” to remind me to look always for things to appreciate.
Detail from “Blue Glass”, 180/120 cm. Now showing at galerie Patries van dorst

The incarnations of a painting. This painting of Tel-Aviv was painted 2 years ago in the middle of terror attacks on Israel. I chose to show the happy and joyful city in spite of what was happening around. The painting was sold in the beginning of this year in Germany. It is a powerful memory for me.

After some traveling she is now hanging safely and secure in her new home in Denmark.
My painting “It is time”, 160/110 cm

Sometimes I forget. So I keep reminding myself that if I am tuning my feelings each day to joy and happiness this is what I will mostly observe. I have the privilege of meeting and connecting with amazing and inspiring people from all around the world through my paintings. Thank you!
Excited to present here new portrait painting – “I am always reaching for more” – 160/110 cm

Solo exhibition in Europe, Wassenaar, The Netherlands – Opening event – May 21'st 2017

26 – 27 February 2017 – Salons Hoche Paris. Christie’s auction for the benefit of Adetec-heart, . Participation the auction with this piece “Tel-Aviv beach”, 135/180 cm

Imagination Feb 2017 exhibition Tel-Aviv
Live TV broadcast. Covering an Israeli art event in Tel-Aviv this weekend and magazine items

Starting next week, during November and December, the latest series of my portraits paintings will be presented in EL-AL’s King-David lounge at Ben-Gurion airport, Israel

New painting – “And so it is” – 180/135 cm.

Opening night. ‘Faces’ – portraits paintings exhibition. A&A Art Display. Perth Australia

My painting hanging in its new beautiful home in New-Jersey