💫Congratulations to the new owner of “Who I wish to be”💫
Sold by Art2Point gallery, Knokke

"Todah Raba, Noemi Safir-Dolev and Michael Ansel for this beautiful portrait! I am humbled and honored at the thought, time and talent that you both dedicated to this wonderful gift. I will treasure it always and am forever grateful to you both! Harbay Ahavah!… "/ Mary A Ansel

May 21-st to July 31 2017. Solo exhibition in Europe,
Gallerie Ptries Van Dorst, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

One of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of my work is the warm connection that is created with people from around the globe. This time I had the privilege to paint this painting for a charming family from Switzerland and participate virtually in a happy moment in their lives. I thank every day for these opportunities and for my art. 💝
In the photo the painting and the muse

At the end of “Pretty Woman” one says: "Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream?…". I have always remembered it and I was always a dreamer. Thank you Deborah for choosing me and my art as a model for your inspiring book and big thank you to those who choose to be inspired by my art. 💖

It is all set up and my new portraits exhibition is now showing till the end of December. Hope you will like it and I will be happy to hear back from the visitors in the lounge. Great voyage 💝

Sold in Perth, Australia. “Invasive eyes” – 170/140 cm

Hanging in its new home. Artwork dimensions 200/140 cm

New painting – “Life is beautiful to me” – 180/140 cm

New man portrait painting, “The power inside”, 200/135 cm

New work 180/120 cm for the woman portrait series...