publication for “Paragon of attraction” art exhibition in Perth, Australia

Due to many requests the exhibition is EXTENDED for 2 more weeks. Come visit🗼🌸🥂
Location: Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel, 39 Avenue de Wagram. Paris.

For everyone that was asking me about my exhibitions schedule for the coming months. Please see here a list of running exhibitions in Europe. Looking forward for your visit 🌟
For more information please contact

It is good to expect but expect without doubt. Be sure. Otherwise let go and things will surprise and delight you. “When you least expect”, 120/140 cm, now available in Paris🗼 ❤️

2017 was a great year for me. It started in Germany, exploring new opportunities and showing there in an art fair. Then I showed in a charity exhibition in Tel-Aviv. In May I had my first solo Exhibition in Holland and ended this year with an exciting exhibition in Paris.
I had the privilege to meet and be in contact with people from Brazil. Australia, UK. Holland. New York. Miami, Denmark. Switzerland. Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Paris, Canada, Moscow and India. With most I experienced empowering and inspiring stories, feeling the love and support thought my art.
I want to thank you all for letting me be part of your life and entering my art into your homes and hearts.
I welcome 2018 with sweet expectations as I know now that dreams can come through.
Happy and exciting new 2018 to all 💫🙏💖🥂🎉🌟

“Finally a woman” – Photos from the opening event, December 14 TH, 2017. Paris

“Finally a woman” – Photos from the opening event, December 14 TH, 2017. Paris

The day I started living from my heart everything changed. I wish everyone to take decisions, feel your way and live with passion and love. Painting ‘Perfect timing’ 140/120 cm

May 21-st to July 31 2017. Solo exhibition in Europe,
Gallerie Ptries Van Dorst, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

Imagination Feb 2017 exhibition Tel-Aviv
Live TV broadcast. Covering an Israeli art event in Tel-Aviv this weekend and magazine items

It is all set up and my new portraits exhibition is now showing till the end of December. Hope you will like it and I will be happy to hear back from the visitors in the lounge. Great voyage 💝

Starting next week, during November and December, the latest series of my portraits paintings will be presented in EL-AL’s King-David lounge at Ben-Gurion airport, Israel