Two months ago I didn’t think I would make this travel. Although I have been exhibiting in Western Australia for the last 4 years, it seemed so far from home and from my loved ones. When I finally decided to go, for a new exhibition of my art, I could not imagine the exciting experiences that awaited me there. I had the privilege of telling my story and lecturing about women’s empowerment to women from Support Israel – Keren Hayesod UIA, an organization that supports and raises funds for Jewish and Zionist causes. I celebrated Israel’s 71st Independence Day at a Jewish community event, I was excited to hear songs in Hebrew with an Australian accent and to stand to the sounds of the Israel’s National Anthem “Hatikva”, I lit Shabbat candles with a Christian family on a Friday dinner, I attended an exciting revealing ceremony of my portrait of Miss West Australia, which a numbered and signed copy of it was donated to ToyBox International, an organization that supports needy children in Australia and for the finale I was excited to attend at the Opening Night of Paragon of Attraction in which I exhibited dozens of my paintings. In between, I was privileged to visit and taste the wonderful wineries in the area, to see up-close a mother Kangaroo and Koala bears and enjoy the sun that accompanied me when traveling to Perth’s neighborhoods. I would like to thank dear Andreas Amke from Applecross Art & Framing for their invitation, warm hospitality and the amazing and exciting exhibition that they produced. I am happy that I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with you and get to know such wonderful positive people whose actions are motivated by great faith and love. I would like to thank Tim, the talented photographer, who although “forced” me to film every scene a few times, left us with amazing memories, I want to thank dear Orit Ofer Peleg and Adi Peleg, Israeli ambassadors for Support Israel – Keren Hayesod UIA, who connected me to the Jewish community and thanks to them I felt at home. I would like to thank dear Barbara who hosted me in her magical home, fell in love with my art and chose to purchase one of my paintings. I want to thank the buyers and new owners of my paintings, who believe in me and in my art. I would like to thank all the visitors who came and support and continue to follow and to encourage. Finally, I want to thank my art, which also this time took me on a wonderful journey and keeps filling my life with so much love and passion❤