‘Julia’ by Noemi Safir ❤️

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A selection of Noemi’s art will be featured at the @applecrossart Art Show, from May 9 – 16 at The Kitchen Building in Applecross 🎨

publication for “Paragon of attraction” art exhibition in Perth, Australia

New exhibition – PERTH – Australia
9-16 MAY 2019
For more details https://www.applexart.com/paragon-of-attraction

One looking at you, the other looks straight ahead. They are here and there. Secure and dreaming. Are they the same?
Another detail from “Two girls at twilight”
➡ For inquiries please email noemisafirartist@gmail.com

NEW and exciting EXHIBITION coming soon…
Here is a DETAIL from a new painting
“Two girls at twilight”
The complete artwork is available now in my studio
For inquiries please email to noemisafirartist@gmail.com

Another exciting DETAIL from my new painting.
The complete piece is now available in my studio.

Detail of my new painting SEEDS OF LOVE, 140/120 cm.
Everything you will nourish with love and positive attention will grow in an amazing way 🌱
The full piece is now available in my studio .

2014 was the year I chose to follow my dreams. With no fears and with trust in me, in my art, in this universe and with lots of love. Look inside your heart 💗💗💗
To all the women happy #internationalwomensday

Finally complete, the full revealing of my new painting,

“Don’t take life so seriously”, 140/160 cm

Choosing to look at reality in smiling and forgiving eyes can turn things to be much more fun and easy ❤️

It seemed so extreme, the beauty of nature against the new constructions, the poverty of the locals against the wealthy tourists and above all I could strongly feel the happiness and calm in the simplicity of life there.
I just finished painting this piece recently, I called it “Pure nature”.It is filled with dreams, passion and abundance of nature.
“Pure nature”, 140/120, 2019
Available now in my studio

Today’s word of the day is אמן, which means artist! Noemi Safir Artist is an Israeli artist that lives in Tel-Aviv. She creates vibrant paintings from her love of life and love of people. “Everything that I create is a reflection of myself and my long road of knowing and learning more about the real me”.

Learn more about the amazing people in Israel through fun challenges! Check out us out at https://www.ikonnect.co.il/challenges

Over two years ago, on a sunny Friday noon, I suddenly saw her. I liked the way she hold her head and looked so sure of herself. Her eyes where calm and her hinted smile a little tempting.
This is how I painted her.I called this painting “Long time ago”, 160/110 cm, painted in 2018.
Now available in my studio

Another detail from a new exciting piece
Cheers for a happy valentine💕Love wins always💕
Available now in my studio

Limited editions. Selected pieces available now exclusively at Applecross Art & Framing Perth, Australia

New and exciting things are emerging for 2019 ✨✨✨ .

Revealing #2 – another exciting detail from the new work.

NEW✨✨✨ .
Revealing #1 – detail from a new and exciting work.

Blossom, 160/110 cm. Work from 2018. Now showing at Perth, Australia.